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Embrace love, kindness and strength within.

 I am dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space to assist you in transforming your life in a holistic way.


Integrating mind, body, and spirit, to unlock your emotional independence and sense of inner peace.



Through professional and personal experience I regularly witness the power of addressing the root cause of issues, releasing stored emotions, old stories and shifting belief systems.

I believe that true empowerment lies within each individual. My role is not to provide you with answers, but rather to guide and support you in embracing new skills and finding your truth. Together, we will uncover the wisdom and strength that reside within you, helping you to cultivate resilience, embrace self-acceptance and reach your personal goals.

Learning skills to regulate emotions, form connections and respond to the difficulties you may experience.

Whether we connect in the clinic, online, or through home visits, I am committed to creating a comfortable and inclusive environment where you can explore your journey at your own pace. 

" Our inner world determines our outer world"


Self Growth and Development

Relationship Issues

Stress and Trauma

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Emotional Regulation


Self Confidence

Healing Patterns of Behaviour after Trauma

Supporting Cognitive Dissonance 

Creating Emotional Awareness

Developing Coping Skills

Setting Boundaries

Connecting to Self and Intuition

Qualified Counsellor

Reiki Master

Peaceful Kids Facilitator

Trauma Informed Therapist

Member of ACA

Cofounder Pure Heart Centre

Areas of Specialty.





A holistic and person centred approach encompassing mindfulness, communication, coping and goal setting skills.

A safe space to release emotions, express and connect with in. Creating the opportunity to understand yourself better, whilst also learning and developing new skills to respond with life. 


Intuitive Emotional Healing

 Combining Reiki, Counselling and Intuitive work to assist you in the healing and letting go process.

Connecting in with the root causes, your belief system and spirituality. 

Empowering you with skills and knowledge to be able to respond with life, to keep growing and reconnecting with your amazing self!



Reiki is a gentle yet powerful modality.The energy helps to clear blocked energy, emotions, allowing your life force to flow freely through you. Balancing our energy systems can help all areas of our life, including our mindset, health, expression, sense of empowerment, balance, calm, being less reactive, our intuitive ability, clear expression and so much more.




0422 376 107


Suite 30 - 2 Queen Street

Murwillumbah NSW


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